About Us

Brian Hunt is the President of Professional Parking Enforcement. He has over 25 years of experience in the parking industry, including 15 years running parking enforcement for private property, including homeowner associations.

Company Profile

Professional Parking Enforcement was created to provide an effective parking solution for all types of parking problems. By focusing specifically on the parking problems of Homeowner Associations, we can quickly and effectively eliminate these problems through our system of property inspection, violation updating, ticketing, and enforcement.

Using consistent “focused but random” inspections and license plate inventory control techniques, PPE quickly begins to provide control of the parking problems on the property. Using warnings, signs, and other media, PPE first informs the violators of the error of their ways, before any forceful action is taken. These regular inspections warn violators that it’s easier to comply with the rules, than continue to violate.

The intent of the system is to gain COMPLIANCE and make the areas safe and ease ingress/egress, not to tow a lot of vehicles. By communicating with the violator and informing them of the rules, PPE helps find solutions to the parking problems in the community.

Let us show you how our system works, and design specific procedures to effectively control your community’s parking issues.